Venkatesh's book KaalKoot - The Lost Himalayan Secret brings together a forgotten legend, a global catastrophe and nail-biting suspense in a gripping thriller. Venkatesh’s next book, Agnibaan - Guardians of the Fire Chamber, will be released soon.

Venkatesh has been interested in Eastern philosophy and mysticism right from his days at IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta. He has found his inspiration to write in rather curious settings - while crawling through war tunnels in Vietnam, coming face-to-face with a bear in the Nilgiris, changing upon an Indus Valley ruin while on a road trip, listening to 'Madhushala' or drinking cutting chai by the roadside. He is passionate about self-discovery and the power of stories to inspire and transform.

Corporate Leader

As a private equity investor, business leader and entrepreneur, Venkatesh has helped businesses thrive and grow. He has held Board and Investment Committee positions in firms across the infrastructure and financial services sectors. Venkatesh has spent a significant part of his career in the stock markets with Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, where he led top-ranked Asian and Indian teams. He helped invest funds in Indian infrastructure companies as a senior executive at the private equity arms of AMP and Macquarie, and led group strategy at Masan, Vietnam's leading private sector group.


Venkatesh is a sought-after speaker. In his speeches and workshops, he draws on his extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, as well as his storytelling skills, as he creatively engages audiences on topics such as leadership skills, personal transformation, business acumen, strategic thinking, creativity, innovation and decision-making.

Venkatesh’s workshops are customized to help businesses and institutions with their learning and capability-building efforts. Invite Venkatesh for speeches and workshops on topics such as:

  • - Unleashing your creativity
  • - Fostering a culture of innovation
  • - Mindfulness and personal transformation
  • - Coping with uncertainty
  • - Strategic thinking and business acumen for leaders
  • - Finance for business managers
  • - Entrepreneurial decision-making

Contact Venkatesh for customized speeches and workshops on topics not listed above.

Strategy Consultant and Board Advisor

Venkatesh is a trusted advisor to senior management and Boards of corporates on various matters, including improving business performance, developing business plans, formulating growth strategy and tapping capital markets.

His professional track record has spanned multiple dimensions - as a private equity investor, a Board member, an analyst, an entrepreneur and a corporate strategy head. This has enabled him to look at business decisions from diverse perspectives, and offer holistic advice to companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations.