Speaker & Mindfulness/Leadership Coach

Venkatesh has been profiled among the leading motivational speakers of India by The New Indian Express. He has delivered talks and conducted workshops across numerous corporate and community forums on creativity, innovation, storytelling, leadership, success and entrepreneurship. He draws on his extensive business experience, storytelling skills, and his experience as an author and mindfulness practitioner, to creatively engage audiences.

Venkatesh is passionate about enabling businesses and leaders to achieve their full potential. As a coach, he uses insights from business as well as mindfulness practice to help talented individuals tune into their inner compass and achieve personal, professional and financial growth. He has been trained by John Mattone (coach to Steve Jobs) and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community of senior coaches from across the world.

Topics on which Venkatesh speaks/conducts workshops include the following:

  • Wiring yourself for success
  • Unlocking the power of mindfulness
  • How to achieve your full potential
  • Storytelling in business and leadership
  • How to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to unlock your creativity
  • Mindfulness for leaders / mindfulness in the workplace
  • Achieving personal, professional and financial growth
  • How to build a customer-centric culture
  • The inner path to excellence

To invite Venkatesh for a talk or a workshop, contact us at author.svenkatesh@gmail.com.