Venkatesh is passionate about helping businesses and leaders transform and grow to achieve their full potential. He has delivered speeches and conducted workshops across numerous corporate and community forums on creativity, innovation, storytelling, leadership, strategic thinking and entrepreneurship.

He draws on his extensive business experience, storytelling skills, and his experience as an author and mindfulness practitioner, to creatively engages audiences.

  • - To help corporates in their capability-building efforts, Venkatesh engages with audiences about leadership, innovation, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • - To help individuals undertake personal transformation, Venkatesh engages with audiences about unlocking creativity and finding passion/purpose.
  • - He also works with businesses and business leaders as an advisor and coach, helping them craft strategy and undertake transformational journeys.

Venkatesh’s workshops are customized to help businesses and institutions with their learning and capability-building efforts. Contact Venkatesh at connect@svenkatesh.in.